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Reimagined Book Covers: 001

Posted in Books, Reimagined by Gluekit on September 28, 2007


Gluekit loves to read.

Inspired by Penguin Book covers and the recent publication Penguin by Design (Phil Baines, 2007), we recently decided to take our reading habits one step further, and reimagine the books we’ve read aloud together with Penguin-esque cover designs (talk about collapsing our interests!). It’s a neat way to encapsulate our visual reaction to the storylines and we’re happy to start sharing them here.

We’ve selected two of Jonathan Safran Foer’s novels to kick off everything off. Mr. Foer is one of our favorite novelists, so it’s only fitting that his works kick off Set #1.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close also tops our mutual lists of favorite books. Oscar, the child hero of this post 9/11 novel, captured our hearts and has never really let go. His fearless optimism and precociousness still spark our nostalgia when we’re shopping for pens or thinking of why no one has invented coffee ice cubes.

This week, Gluekit was also fortunate to hear Mr. Foer read some of his most recent work. A very young writer with a very big talent, Mr. F afterwards revealed he likes to write at his public library, a structured environment he finds conducive to letting himself bleed out his words.

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