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Reimagined Book Covers: 002

Posted in Books, Reimagined by Gluekit on October 2, 2007


While Gluekit was dreaming the other night, a lot of orange and black and white figures crept into our room and inserted themselves into our nightmares. The result were two new Gluekit Editions for recent novels that we’ve consumed– voraciously in one case; rather slowly and in slow chews in the other.

We can’t say Sean Wilsey’s Oh, The Glory of It All was exactly what we wanted it to be. Skateboarding descriptions aside, this book groveled a bit too hard and too deeply in the poor little rich boy vein for us to enjoy. Memoirs are like that, though. We tried to tease out a bit of the messy overbearing emotion on our cover. The blobby mommy-concept cometh!

Jonathan Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude pulled together a lot of different strands in a much more satisfying way. Gluekit, as will become apparent, has a thing for coming-of-age stories, teenage angst, and colorful narratives that look at ethnicity, race, and identity. [Don’t say we’re totally superficial!] This novel plunged into graffiti culture too, and dealt with the ever-changing culture of NYC’s burroughs. Our cover tried to get at the gritty urban landscape that dominated much of the book, highlight the graffiti edge, and use one of our favorite patterns. Click, click– and the tiles fell into place.

Gluekit loves it when a book (or a plan) comes together!


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