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Oh No! Oh My!

Posted in Black and White, Color, Fashion, Positive Spin by Gluekit on October 7, 2007


Another band that Gluekit’s been luvin’ lately is Oh No! Oh My!

In tribute, we designed this limited edition (of one) shirt. The design’s super abstract and we’re missing the exclamation points and some key words, yes, but our hearts were dancing along with the poppy Whirlitzer goodness of ON!OM!’s 2006 self-titled album when we made this, and its blue softliness captures the bright blue purity of their melodies– so we’d like to think.

The band’s on tour right now, making some beautiful folk-pop. We hope they’ll come back to New England after their CMJ stint this October. We could to with some earnest beauty in our neck of the woods.

Gluekit hearts sweet songs and hand-claps in between.


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