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Quick Snaps: Basquiat at the French Embassy

Posted in Color, Photographs, Travel by Gluekit on October 20, 2007


Last April, Gluekit was strolling around Manhattan, fresh from seeing the Family Pictures exhibition at the Guggenheim. We were drinking in the air and people-watching when we spotted an intriguing poster on what appeared to be some kind of embassy on Fifth Avenue. [We really weren’t paying the best attention to where we were.] We daringly pushed the dark grated doors, stepped inside the building (we weren’t exactly sure we were in a public space at first) and found ourselves inside the Cultural Services of the French Embassy– elaborate and rich surroundings — taking in some amazing Jean-Michel Basquiat works. Gluekit’s a– ‘ow do you say?— big fan of Basquiat? We were hopping up and down on the bottom level… and then discovered a staircase and another level of rooms filled with even more Basquiat. It was Basquiat heaven! A completely unexpected encounter, the show was the highlight of our day. And the juxtaposition of Basquiat’s work– which smacks of childish delight, street culture and graffiti– amidst the grandeur and pomp of the Embassy’s spaces was wildy exhilarating. Inspiring, too. It’s the unexpected that makes life memorable.

The good folks at Artivi have put up a neat little video that captures the exhibition.

Gluekit loves unexpected treasures, happening upon art and beauty, and great art hung on white brick walls.


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