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A Lifetime of Type

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Music, Type by Gluekit on October 21, 2007


Gluekit saw Lifetime in New York City last week. They were an opener, which suited us just fine, as that meant we were able to dance in closer proximity than we usually do at their shows. Gluekit has learned our lesson well: headwalkers and stage-jumpers = not so fun dancing and multiple injuries! Fantastically enough, Lifetime is soon due to tour Japan and Australia! We think maybe we should catch them there– it’d be surreal (and fun!).

Gluekit’s been a big fan of Lifetime for a long time, as our friends know. And since their reunion tour and their subsequent re-banding, we’ve been able to catch them all over again– here and here and here. And we still get giddy and hand-clappy at their shows.

The illustration above uses type we threw together that pulls a choice line from Lifetime’s Records at Nite song. We love the big hardcore breakdown and chorus, because– c’mon!– who doesn’t love playing records at night? We really wish they’d play the song out live, though, and while we’re requesting additions to the playlist, would also love to hear “Yeem’s Song for Nothing“, and LTime’s cover of Billy Bragg’s “New England.” [We made a shirt related to that last request we’ll have to post sometime.]

Gluekit adores Lifetime and wishes them all the luck in the world as they tour the globe and set out on international adventures!


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