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Part of It Launches! Become a Part of It!

Posted in Announcement, Color, Part of It by Gluekit on October 22, 2007


The day is here, friends! Part of It is now up and running, and ready to take your orders.

The idea behind Part of It is simple, really.

We asked a number of artists– mainly graphic designers– to create designs that spoke to issues they felt strongly about. We also asked them to identify an organization that would benefit from the sale of products using their design. In this way, we hoped to create an avenue for artists to contribute concretely to organizations they felt were doing worthy work, while providing them with a platform to create a message or graphic that raised awareness about “their” cause.

But the idea goes a little further, and that’s where the name comes in. Consumers have opportunities too, to purchase things that focus attention on issues, to fund organizations they believe in. But they (you?) enter into the discourse as well, becoming a part of the message. [Gluekit can’t count the number of times that we’ve been asked about t-shirts we’re wearing; these occasions are opportunities to talk about the cause that the shirt has been designed to bring attention to.]

And so, Part of It is really about ripple effects. It’s about participation. It’s about caring. It’s about artists and consumers making a difference. Perhaps a small one, but a difference all the same.

Gluekit hopes you’ll become a Part of It too.


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