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Quick Snaps: Hanging with Hektor

Posted in Color, Photographs, Type, Video Links, Yale by Gluekit on October 28, 2007


Gluekit was super thrilled to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon this weekend with Hektor, the coolest portable Spraypaint Output Device in existence. Making his debut at the Yale University Art Gallery, Hektor stunned us all with his stellar adaptation skills. Even in a new and unfamiliar environment, he was able to make himself at home, hunker down, and get to work. All he needed was a couple of folks to hold him up when he worked on concrete!

Gluekit was really excited to be up close and personal with Hektor and his originator, Jürg Lehni. Last spring we attended a great lecture where Lehni, Julia Born, and Laurenz Brunner presented their work. The whole session was enormously inspiring, particularly the idea that designers and creators need not be hampered the limitations or strictures of a given software or hardware product, but rather explore the engineering and creation of tools befitting their needs and– using an open source philosophy– that these innovations be shared among communities and with collaborators. Lehni’s quite brilliant, so watching him in action was a particular treat. Plus we basically got to see a machine tag an art gallery’s walls!

Gluekit likes spraypaint drips, anthropomorphizing machines, and watching Hektor at work.


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