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It’s Just You and Me

Posted in Color, Fashion, Part of It, Type by Gluekit on October 31, 2007


Things are going well behind the lines at Gluekit Central (aka Part of It headquarters). As part of our on-going efforts to highlight some of the amazing pieces created for Part of It, Gluekit would like to draw your attention to this handsome “It’s Just You and Me” t-shirt, designed by Mr. Michael Perry (aka Midwestisbest) and featuring some of his hand drawn type and imagery. Perry’s work might seem hauntingly familiar– especially to readers who frequent Urban Outfitters stores or have an eye open to their whimsical type; he’s the man behind some of the more evocative type imagery the big UO has to offer. (And of course, he also just edited a very nice tome on hand type called Hand Job: A Catalog of Type.)

Perry designated that a portion of the profits from this shirt would benefit NARSAD, the Mental Health Research Association. In the 1980s, a number of mental health organizations and foundations got together and merged, creating NARSAD– it’s now the United States’ most prominent mental health research institution, awarding numerous research grants to scientists. NARSAD seeks to prevent, cure, and treat a host of mental illnesses, ranging from schizophrenia to autism, depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Perry’s shirt suggests the isolation and melancholy that can afflict those suffering from mental illness, but his shirt also seems to highlight the modern condition, and the strange equilibrium of happiness and sadness that can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. It’s a beautiful shirt, for an important cause.

Gluekit likes supporting great artists and great causes.


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