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I See Red

Posted in Color, Fashion, Imagined by Gluekit on November 21, 2007


Here’s another design in our Imagined Shirt line-up. We can already see the photo shoot for this one, brilliant against a gritty brick wall. This shirt tempts us to pull out our spray cans, what about you?

Gluekit loves bricks, buttons, badges, and imagining games.


Make Art Now!

Posted in Buy, Color, Fashion, Part of It by Gluekit on November 18, 2007


Hey there! Gluekit encourages our faithful readers and intrepid shoppers to check out a design near and dear to our heart– Dustin Amery Hostetler’s (Upso’s) “Make Art Now!” t-shirt (available at Part of It).

Dustin chose the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, a great regional non-profit arts agency that develops and promotes the visual, literary, and performing arts (all stripes and colors) in Northwest Ohio. Among their many programs and services is a summer youth employment program that apprentices young people with arts organizations and promotes intensive exposure to the business of making art. ACGT also provides grants for artists, organizes high school and community competitions and shows, and partners with civic and local organizations to keep the arts front and center in a number of Ohio towns and cities.

One of the things we’ve enjoyed as the organizers of Part of It is learning about the non-profits and charities that artists select. It’s also been really fascinating to discover which artists choose to act locally, and which artists choose national or international efforts. Oftentimes, their choice is subtly suggested in work they’ve done elsewhere– or seems obvious when considering their background and interests. The diversity of vision that Part of It artists and designers have shown exemplifies both the rootedness and the complexity of social responsibility, and the many levels at which organizations and individuals can act.

Gluekit likes trends and patterns, collaborations, positive imperatives, and making art now!

In Black and Gold: Ed Fella

Posted in Calendars, Color, Type, Yale by Gluekit on November 13, 2007


A few weeks ago, we mentioned the Hektor photo shoot for an upcoming Yale University Art Gallery calendar cover (the calendar goes out to YUAG members, to selected students and is available for pick-up at the Gallery itself). We decided it might be nice to look back to where it all started.

So here we have it, the Fall 2006 Yale University Art Gallery calendar cover featuring custom type by Ed Fella, hand lettering typographer extraordinaire.

In the coming weeks, we’re very excited to bring you the rest of the set (so far!). It’s been great over the last two years to see talented designers and typographers render the type for the cover and share their vision. Gluekit also thinks it’s a great way to get graphic design front and central for museum-goers, subtly erecting a foundation for design among the visual arts that are typically collected by institutions of cultural heritage.

Theme Song for a New Brunswick Basement Show

Posted in Color, Music, Photographs, Travel, Type by Gluekit on November 7, 2007


Here at Gluekit, we’ve really been enjoying the opportunity to spin our daily life and summer jaunts and ramblings through the Gluekit illustrator bonanza machine, which spits out neat little capsules of our experience, sometimes with hand type, sometimes with interesting new drawn elements, sometimes with twists we didn’t anticipate.

Here’s a little thing we did to commemorate one of the best shows we went to this summer: a super secret Lifetime show in a New Brunswick basement (all per Lifetime lyrics). There’s something awesome about house shows during the summer; about dirty-fashionable-smiling kids all dredged up on someone’s lawn, awaiting that moment when the music starts and everyone dances. The pictures express the energy of the show well. It was just swell!

Gluekit likes sweet summer memories, singing songs loudly off-key, and pictures of shoes.

Mountains Rock

Posted in Announcement, Buy, Color, Fashion, Gluekit, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on November 6, 2007


Oh, whoozy whoo! Gluekit has finally gotten it together and launched a GLUESTORE! (About time we gave peeps a way to purchase our fine tees, prints, and other doo-dads.) To launch this exciting affair, we’ve priced everything, including this awesome and amazing Mountains Rock tee (a collaboration with Miss Amy Jean Porter) at a most excellent and affordable price of $14.00. Yes, that’s right, fourteen buckaroonies!

There is a small catch. A number of the items come in limited sizes or colors. For instance, Mountains Rock is available only in Women’s Medium/One Size Fits All (oh, and we know that claim isn’t true!), on the seemly gold shown in the pretty pink publicity shot above. It’s how the apple rolls in Gluetown as we’re sorting out our affairs. As an upshot, you get a super limited edition kind of product.

Mountains Rock does make a snappy tee for small stature mountain-climbing enthusiasts and ladies who love cute rockin’ characters. Perhaps someday we’ll reprint for all the gents out there who love the alpine heights.

Gluekit likes Amy Jean Porter, collaborative projects, and making our things available at long last! Hurrah!

Give the Gift of Glue at Urban Outfitters….

Posted in Announcement, Buy, Color, Gluekit by Gluekit on November 3, 2007


Whoo! Gluekit’s super excited to announce that Urban Outfitters is now selling a gift card designed by us! We’re not sure these are being sold in stores, but they are definitely available online. But– and it’s a big but– if you purchase a gift card, it’s a grab bag sort of thing, and you may get any one of the four currently on sale.

Really, it’s not too bad a deal though, because the other gift cards are awesome too, featuring work by Robin Cameron, Deanne Cheuk, and Andrew Kuo as well as yours truly. It’s some super hot company to find ourselves in, and we are stoked.

About the gift card– if you look carefully, you can kind of see the dancing brick man who appeared in Exit Strategy #2, as well as our favorite leaping tiger silhouette. The card also features a mix and mash sort of hand-drawn illustration style that we’ve been experimenting with and luv-luv-loving.

Gluekit loves patterns and woodgrain, circles, squares, and bricks. Hurrah!

Wim Crouwel: International Man of Style

Posted in Color, Events, Exhibitions, Museums, Travel, Type by Gluekit on November 2, 2007


Last week Gluekit attended a very nice AIGA evening event at the New School in New York. After a quick jaunt uptown to take in the Kara Walker retrospective at the Whitney, and a narrow avoidance with some dodgy character blocking up the subway lines, Gluekit settled into cozy seats at the Tishman Auditorium and took in a conversation with two pioneers of modernism, Wim Crouwel and Massimo Vignelli, moderated by Alice Twemlow.  There’s a nicely detailed announcement of the talk here, and as usual AIGA did a fabulous job of organizing the event. It’s always sweet to attend a well-handled lecture, that starts on time, is handled deftly, and that does what it’s supposed to do. In this case, Twemlow scurried hither and thither across the careers of both men, teasing out commonalities and differences, and showing the wide swathe of each man’s design legacy. It was a great session, and for us, Wim totally rocked our sox. There’s something appealing about the application of a system of production that’s reliable, extensible and modular.

Favorite moment? When, after a review of Crouwell’s New Alphabet, Twemlow threw up the album cover for Joy Division’s Substance and noted, to gasps of realization from the audience, that the cover actually reads “Substamce.” It was a beautiful moment of collective realization.

Glukit likes grids, modernism, and mistakes.