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Give the Gift of Glue at Urban Outfitters….

Posted in Announcement, Buy, Color, Gluekit by Gluekit on November 3, 2007


Whoo! Gluekit’s super excited to announce that Urban Outfitters is now selling a gift card designed by us! We’re not sure these are being sold in stores, but they are definitely available online. But– and it’s a big but– if you purchase a gift card, it’s a grab bag sort of thing, and you may get any one of the four currently on sale.

Really, it’s not too bad a deal though, because the other gift cards are awesome too, featuring work by Robin Cameron, Deanne Cheuk, and Andrew Kuo as well as yours truly. It’s some super hot company to find ourselves in, and we are stoked.

About the gift card– if you look carefully, you can kind of see the dancing brick man who appeared in Exit Strategy #2, as well as our favorite leaping tiger silhouette. The card also features a mix and mash sort of hand-drawn illustration style that we’ve been experimenting with and luv-luv-loving.

Gluekit loves patterns and woodgrain, circles, squares, and bricks. Hurrah!


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