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Mountains Rock

Posted in Announcement, Buy, Color, Fashion, Gluekit, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on November 6, 2007


Oh, whoozy whoo! Gluekit has finally gotten it together and launched a GLUESTORE! (About time we gave peeps a way to purchase our fine tees, prints, and other doo-dads.) To launch this exciting affair, we’ve priced everything, including this awesome and amazing Mountains Rock tee (a collaboration with Miss Amy Jean Porter) at a most excellent and affordable price of $14.00. Yes, that’s right, fourteen buckaroonies!

There is a small catch. A number of the items come in limited sizes or colors. For instance, Mountains Rock is available only in Women’s Medium/One Size Fits All (oh, and we know that claim isn’t true!), on the seemly gold shown in the pretty pink publicity shot above. It’s how the apple rolls in Gluetown as we’re sorting out our affairs. As an upshot, you get a super limited edition kind of product.

Mountains Rock does make a snappy tee for small stature mountain-climbing enthusiasts and ladies who love cute rockin’ characters. Perhaps someday we’ll reprint for all the gents out there who love the alpine heights.

Gluekit likes Amy Jean Porter, collaborative projects, and making our things available at long last! Hurrah!


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