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Theme Song for a New Brunswick Basement Show

Posted in Color, Music, Photographs, Travel, Type by Gluekit on November 7, 2007


Here at Gluekit, we’ve really been enjoying the opportunity to spin our daily life and summer jaunts and ramblings through the Gluekit illustrator bonanza machine, which spits out neat little capsules of our experience, sometimes with hand type, sometimes with interesting new drawn elements, sometimes with twists we didn’t anticipate.

Here’s a little thing we did to commemorate one of the best shows we went to this summer: a super secret Lifetime show in a New Brunswick basement (all per Lifetime lyrics). There’s something awesome about house shows during the summer; about dirty-fashionable-smiling kids all dredged up on someone’s lawn, awaiting that moment when the music starts and everyone dances. The pictures express the energy of the show well. It was just swell!

Gluekit likes sweet summer memories, singing songs loudly off-key, and pictures of shoes.


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