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Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbola

Posted in Black and White, Type, Yale by Gluekit on February 14, 2008


Poster designed for a Yale University Art Gallery workshop focused on new music and art. Renowned composer Alvin Lucier (whose 1965 composition Music for a Solo Performer had EEG electrodes attached to the performer’s scalp in order to detect bursts of alpha waves– let’s just say he pushes experimental music boundaries) and I G I G I (Yale’s undergraduate organization devoted to music composition) will present performances of pieces written by Yale student composers in response to works of art in the Gallery’s collection.

Lucier actually wrote a piece last fall to commemorate his friend and fellow artist Sol LeWitt. The new work was composed in response to LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #11, which has been on view in the Gallery’s lobby– there’s a nice podcast about the performance here.

It’s really great to see artists of all kinds engaging with the work of others– a kind of cross-fertilization of ideas and inspiration– music flowing from paintings, sculpture flowing from music, paintings bursting from photographs and installations mixing everything up.


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