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Part of It: Garrett Morin

Posted in Buy, Color, Part of It by Gluekit on February 18, 2008


A new Part of It tote bag has arrived!

The awesome and very talented Garrett Morin has created a design that honors the non-profit work and selfless spirit of Craig Murphey. Craig, who passed away in 2007, was a community advocate who worked hard to contribute to the things he believed in. One of those things was the RightRides/SafeWalk program which he helped set up in Brooklyn. Garrett’s design– “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight” features a bike-riding knight in shining armor leading the way towards a time when no one has to fear walking home alone.

Garrett’s chosen RightRides as the charity to benefit from sales of this design.

RightRides is a New York-based grassroots non-profit that offers people a free, late-night ride home to ensure their safety. In addition to the escort program, RightRides offers safety awareness and educational programs focused on building safe communities. Through their website, you can donate money directly to their programs, or volunteer to help out if you’re in the New York City area. [You can be someone’s shining knight yourself.]

Keep smiling, keep cycling, and keep trying to make the word a better, safer place.


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