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In Black and Gold: Geoff McFetridge

Posted in Calendars, Color, Type, Yale by Gluekit on April 19, 2008


We’re reaching back a few years– woah, but it feels like just last month! Here’s the Fall 2006 Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover. The design is by the talented and awesome Geoff McFetridge.

After Geoff did the cover, he was invited to be a guest artist at the Yale School of Art in their “Making Do” series. The idea behind “Making Do” was to gather four artists from different disciplines and have them work on-site at Yale’s School of Art for a week. The 2006 Making Do show took place in October/November and featured McFetridge, Mark Borthwick, Karyn Olivier, and Luis Gispert. There’s a great Flickr set of images from the show here.

We’re excited about Geoff’s new excellent handmade skate company, in partnership with Yong-Ki Chang. It’s called Solitary Arts and their blog is chock full of awesome stuff. Geoff’s also started making his wonderful wallpaper designs available via Pottak.


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