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Its (A Very) Nice (Exhibition)

Posted in Events, Exhibitions, Gluekit, Part of It by Gluekit on September 30, 2008

The first in a series of exhibitions featuring work posted on the design blog It’s Nice That (a very nice blog that we love) is now on in the UK! 130 pieces of original work by Anthony Burrill, Build, Scott Garrett, Tom Gauld, HelloVon, Mario Hugo, James Joyce, Kate Moross, Jason Munn, Damien Poulain, Rob Ryan, Alex Trochut, Dominic Wilcox, Wilfred Wood and many more– including two of Genevieve Gauckler’s designs from Gluekit’s Part of It project– are featured. Here are the details:

It’s Nice That // Original Format

24 September — 24 October 2008

The Viewpoint GalleryPlymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 6PW

Monday to Thursday, 09.00 — 17.00
Friday, 09.00 — 17.30
Saturday, 00.10 — 12.00
Sunday, closed
A show in London is scheduled later in the year…


Happy Birthday New York Magazine!

Posted in Black and White, Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 29, 2008

One of New York’s most fabulous institutions, New York Magazine, celebrates its fortieth anniversary this week! For their anniversary issue, Gluekit created a collage of some of the people who’ve helped shape New York over the last four decades. Our favorites included Warhol, Jackie O, and that young-looking Seinfeld front and center. Here’s to another forty years!

Pink Bunny Love!

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 29, 2008

Recent Gluekit illustration of Anna Faris in her latest movie The House Bunny for Entertainment Weekly’s Must List.

The Debate Is On!

Posted in Color, Covers, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 26, 2008

The first 2008 presidential debate is mere hours away. With all eyes towards Mississippi, it seemed a good time to feature a recent Gluekit cover for the Atlantic Monthly! (We’re really psyched to have done a cover for this venerable magazine).

The orator vs. the warrior– who will win?!? Stay tuned…

Washington Post

Posted in Color, Gluekit, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 23, 2008

Here’s a recent Gluekit illustration for the Washington Post!

Turns out celebrities and famous past residents don’t actually raise the value of a home. Who knew!?

Make Some Noise for Part of It!

Posted in Buy, Color, Photographs, Press by Gluekit on September 23, 2008


The Make Some Noise tote by Wyeth Hansen was recently featured in the UK’s Creative Arts magazine and looked absolutely sizzling!

The totes are available now from Part of It ($20). The same design on a classic white tee is $28. A portion of the profits from both products has been designated by Wyeth to go to the Fresno Arts Council.

Go ahead, make some noise!

Faesthetic #9 Has Landed!

Posted in Announcement, Black and White, Gluekit, Published by Gluekit on September 22, 2008

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no!…. it’s the latest issues of Faesthetic, one of the best arts magazines on this planet!

Gluekit submitted two spreads of green screen fun for this issue, which is chock full of UFO themed art. Above is a peek at a detail from one of our spreads. Remember, the aliens are coming any day now!

Part of It: Let’s Be Honest

Posted in Color, Fashion, Part of It, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on September 21, 2008

As the American presidential race heats up, wouldn’t it be nice to see some honesty emanating from the campaigns and from the media? Part of It is proud to offer a refreshing way for everyone to get involved and spread a message urging transparency and truth (in politics and in life). Designed by Ken Meier and David Yun, “Let’s Be Honest” blue tees ($28.00) and red totes ($20.00) featuring Caslon type are perfect attire for watching the upcoming debates between McCain vs. Obama, and Palin vs. Biden, whatever your political persuasion.

Let’s be honest, together.

Griffins Are Go!

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 17, 2008

Recent Gluekit illustration of Kathy Griffin for Entertainment Weekly’s Must List!

We hear Ms. Griffin’s won a second Emmy for her life on the D-list. Congrats, KG! We put in her first Emmy in the illustration because we know how much she loves it. Awww!

Hello Again from New Haven!

Posted in Collage, Color, Exhibitions, Made, Yale by Gluekit on September 11, 2008

Here’s our second postcard for the “Greetings from —–” exhibition that’s now up at Sunshine Studio Tokyo. This collage has as its base a sketch of the Louis Kahn Art Gallery at Yale, which we overlayed with some favorite Gluekit motifs to make our Greetings From New Haven (Pt. II).

(Here’s a post about our other entry!)

Karma Karma Comedian

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 8, 2008

Recent Gluekit illustration for the cover of the UK Guardian’s The Guide, a very cool British publication with many great previous covers. We were honored to do this one for a feature story about Mike Myers and other American comedians.

Harry Potter in the House!

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 5, 2008

Recent Gluekit illustration for Entertainment Weekly, profiling the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie trailer. Well, the film has had its release postponed until Summer 2009, but in the meantime, Harry fans can indulge in a new wave of Harry imagery and news. In this illustration, we tried to get at the darker turn in the series…

Ricky Gervais Gets a Giggle

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 5, 2008

Recent Gluekit illustration for the Los Angeles Times, for a column about Ricky Gervais’s stand-up comedy show arriving in LA. Ricky just looks so darn happy!

In Black and Gold: Damien Correll

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on September 4, 2008

All over the United States, millions of students are returning to school. The youth of America are settling down with their books and schedules, finding their way through the maze that is the new school year. Yes, Fall 2008 is definitely in the air, and what better marker than a new contribution by Damien Correll to the Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover series?

Damien does really amazing type work and illustration from his studio in Brooklyn. He’s a member of the creative powerhouse Rad Mountain, and Damien’s signature style has made an impact for clients ranging from Nike and Urban Outfitters, to awesome arts magazines like Swindle, Juxtapoz, and Faesthetic. His illustrations and type are complex and playful, fun and bright– and the design he created for this calendar cover is just a-MAZE-ing! We love it.

The Vampire Season

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 4, 2008

Recent Gluekit illustration for Rolling Stone magazine, referencing the sudden flood of vampire imagery in popular culture. It’s a blood bath!

Greetings From New Haven!

Posted in Collage, Color, Exhibitions, Made, Photographs, Yale by Gluekit on September 3, 2008

Our package with two postcards for the Sunshine Studio Tokyo’s “Greetings from ________” Postcard Exhibition, which opens in Tokyo this Saturday was sent out just hours ago (super quick delivery!). So many of our favorite artists are participating, and their efforts– chronicled on the PE blog— are wonderful to peruse. The exhibition opening is at SST this Saturday, September 6, 2008. We say Hello and Wish We Could Be There!

Pictured above, one of our submissions: watercolor and cut paper on a postcard picturing Claes Oldenburg’s “Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks” on Beinecke Plaza on the Yale Campus in New Haven, Connecticut.