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New York Girl

Posted in Black and White, Illustrations, Sketches by Gluekit on March 16, 2009


Here’s some work we did for one of our favorite clients! We love this illustration of a little girl holding a kite string. She’s so adorably introspective against the grit and softened geometric forms.


Gluekit in Wired!

Posted in Black and White, Illustrations, Photographs, Published by Gluekit on February 2, 2009

Wired Magazine "Jargon Watch" (Feb 2009 issue) by Gluekit

The February 2009 issue of Wired Magazine, currently on newstands here in the U.S., features a Gluekit illustration for their Jargon Watch column (Gluekit loves speech bubbles!). We were super thrilled to be asked to do a three-dimensional black and white illustration, which follows along in the same tradition as many of our image projects. Thanks, Wired!

Oh Yeah!

Posted in Black and White, Design, Made by Gluekit on January 20, 2009

Oh Yeah Obama Button, Gluekit 2008

On this historic day, the 2009 presidential inauguration, Gluekit is pleased to say “Oh Yeah!” for Obama and his campaign team.

Featured above is the pin we designed during the 2008 Presidential face-off. The pin was part of the Obama Button Project, organized by our friends at Project No. 8.

Black and White Skateboards

Posted in Black and White, Imagined, Skateboarding by Gluekit on January 6, 2009


Another set of proposed Gluekit decks. Hotness!

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Eminem Portrait

Posted in Black and White, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on December 24, 2008


Photo-illustration of Eminem by Gluekit, created for New York Magazine’s 2008 Fall Preview cover.

Black Mountain and Beyond

Posted in Black and White, Events, Posters, Type, Yale by Gluekit on November 7, 2008

Black Mountain and Beyond (2008) - Type By Gluekit

Poster typography for a Yale University Art Gallery / ArtParlor symposium about collaboration in the arts and the influence of Black Mountain College. Nothing brings us closer together than the communication of ideas.

Portrait of Mark Ruffalo

Posted in Black and White, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on October 23, 2008

Mark Ruffalo in black and white.

This is a close up of one of the 40+ illustrations we did for the cover of New York Magazine’s 2008 Fall Preview in September. We were super excited about many of the individual images that made up the final composition, and so will be sharing some of them over the coming weeks. There’s something about the simplicity and smudgy quality of this one that we especially liked– plus the erasure of some of the defining lines hints at Ruffalo’s latest film, Blindness.

Happy Birthday New York Magazine!

Posted in Black and White, Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 29, 2008

One of New York’s most fabulous institutions, New York Magazine, celebrates its fortieth anniversary this week! For their anniversary issue, Gluekit created a collage of some of the people who’ve helped shape New York over the last four decades. Our favorites included Warhol, Jackie O, and that young-looking Seinfeld front and center. Here’s to another forty years!

Faesthetic #9 Has Landed!

Posted in Announcement, Black and White, Gluekit, Published by Gluekit on September 22, 2008

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no!…. it’s the latest issues of Faesthetic, one of the best arts magazines on this planet!

Gluekit submitted two spreads of green screen fun for this issue, which is chock full of UFO themed art. Above is a peek at a detail from one of our spreads. Remember, the aliens are coming any day now!

Over and Over and Over

Posted in Black and White, Books, Buy, Patterns, Published by Gluekit on August 26, 2008

We were super honored to find out last week that we were included in Mike Perry’s most recent book on hand-drawn pattern-making, Over and Over (Princeton Architectural Press, 2008). When we saw the pre-publication announcements, we put the new book on our wish list, but lo and behold, we’re actually in it! We couldn’t be more thrilled. Like MP’s last book, Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, this one is chock full of inspiration, insight, and awesomeness from cover to cover.

In Black and Gold: Todd St. John

Posted in Black and White, Calendars, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on August 12, 2008

Yes, summer may be winding down. But some design stands the test of time. Todd St. John’s handsome woodcut fold-out type for the Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover series certainly looks brilliantly cool and contemplative (and organic and fun!) no matter what the season. It’s a beautiful contribution to the series, which invites talented designers to render standard text for the Gallery’s seasonal calendar of events.

Faesthetic 9 Process “Peak”

Posted in Black and White, Made, Photographs, Process by Gluekit on August 12, 2008

Spoiler Alert! Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot for Gluekit’s upcoming contribution to Faesthetic #9!!! Faesthetic is one of our favorite magazines, and the next issue is due to snap out soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t purchased Issue #8, you can still pick one up for just $10.

It’s Bikini Season!

Posted in Black and White, Color, Photographs, Published by Gluekit on June 10, 2008

Super sweltering hotness! Time to break out the bikinis, and what better to page through when you’re lounging in the shade than a fresh and juicy new issue of Faesthetic!? This is a golden issue chockful of infinite goodness from a whole smackload of artists, including our own contribution (sneaky peek above). Rad Mountain provided a bright and shiny cover which we just adore.

Available right now for ten bucks!

Star Trek: An Alternate Universe

Posted in Black and White, From the Vault, Illustrations by Gluekit on May 10, 2008

This is an alternate sketch for an illustration Gluekit did last year for Wired magazine, for a short piece reviewing the the Star Trek DVD box set. We still talk about making the Party Like a Robot shirt that we created for Data. This was a super fun sketch to mock-up (lots of scissoring and cut paper fun), but we really liked the final version that ran too.

Ends With Disaster!

Posted in Black and White, Color, Events, Made, Music, Type by Gluekit on April 30, 2008

New Gluekit poster joy! New type!

Gluekit was recently commissioned to create a very special concert poster for a new band hailing from lovely North East Pennsylvania, featuring a Gluekit relation (Brother Andy) and former Bedford bandmate (Mister Bob Lewis). The poster is for a show this Saturday, May 3, at Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre, PA. $7. All Ages. Awesome!

Gluekit likes making band posters, and we love making type.

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Sound Installation

Posted in Black and White, Type, Yale by Gluekit on April 28, 2008

This is for “Sound Installation: 1968/2008,” an event commemorating the “fortieth anniversary of the creative activism and public protest that occurred in the charged year of 1968.” Graduate students in theatrical sound design at the Yale School of Drama are to create three temporary sound installations, exploring political demonstrations, the division of historical and cultural experience, and the complex nature of time, place and memory.

Yarn Concert Flier

Posted in Black and White, From the Vault, Music, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on April 7, 2008

The Yarn Flier was our stab at making a concert poster for a local production company who brings a lot of great shows to our area, including this Owen show. One ball of yarn + one upcoming show + masking tape = hours of Gluekit fun. This was a really neat poster to undertake, and we hoped that perhaps it would inspire further knit graffiti on our part. Not so (at least yet). We did like a number of photographs that we took of the project, so we are sharing both the final product (incorporated into the flier) and some close-ups.

Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbola

Posted in Black and White, Type, Yale by Gluekit on February 14, 2008


Poster designed for a Yale University Art Gallery workshop focused on new music and art. Renowned composer Alvin Lucier (whose 1965 composition Music for a Solo Performer had EEG electrodes attached to the performer’s scalp in order to detect bursts of alpha waves– let’s just say he pushes experimental music boundaries) and I G I G I (Yale’s undergraduate organization devoted to music composition) will present performances of pieces written by Yale student composers in response to works of art in the Gallery’s collection.

Lucier actually wrote a piece last fall to commemorate his friend and fellow artist Sol LeWitt. The new work was composed in response to LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #11, which has been on view in the Gallery’s lobby– there’s a nice podcast about the performance here.

It’s really great to see artists of all kinds engaging with the work of others– a kind of cross-fertilization of ideas and inspiration– music flowing from paintings, sculpture flowing from music, paintings bursting from photographs and installations mixing everything up.

Women Artists

Posted in Black and White, Color, Events, Type, Yale by Gluekit on January 22, 2008


Here we have a poster designed for a Yale University Art Gallery event that takes a closer look at great works of art by women.

We especially liked designing this type because of the contrast between the bulbous rounds and the sharp angled letter forms. X marks the spot where it all comes together– crossing boundaries, invoking new contexts, building up an alphabet bit by bit.

Monster Knitting

Posted in Black and White, Sketches by Gluekit on January 16, 2008


The title pretty much says it all. This is a she-monster though. There’s also a nice sketch of a he-monster wearing the nice warm scarf she’s a-knitting, but that’s for another post on another day.

Gluekit likes notebook dreaming and scribbling droll images during excruciating long plane delays!