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Gluekit will be at the 2014 New York Art Book Fair!

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We’re absolutely thrilled that our book, Gluekit “Made Photographs” will make its debut at this year’s New York Art Book Fair. Held at MoMA PS1 and organized by Printed Matter, the New York Art Book Fair features work from an array of artists, book markers, and zinesters; it’s a seriously good time and a visual playground with tons of printed stimulus. Please stop by the Draw Down Books table (Table N26) and say hello!

Draw Down Books & Gluekit
Table N26
September 26—28, 2014
NYABF 2014 @ MoMA PS1



Gluekit + Booklet Library (Tokyo)

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Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 7.17.17 AM


We are thrilled that a copy of our book, Gluekit “Made Photographs,” has become part of the Booklet Library collection. We are honored to have our work included beside so many great zines and artist’s books, and thrilled to have our work available in Japan!

Gluekit “Made Photographs”

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We are thrilled to announce a limited edition book of our projects has been published by Draw Down Books!

Gluekit "Made Photographs" cover


Gluekit “Made Photographs” is both meta-process and unself-portrait. It brings together our first twelve years of personal projects and image-making, and includes pieces that were first published in cult art magazines Faesthetic and The Drama.

48 pages, $10. One-color offset.
Published in an edition of 1,000 by Draw Down Books, 2014.
Buy it here

Gluekit Products Now Available at Scion AV Installation Store in LA

Scion AV Installations recently set up a really cool gallery and shop space on Melrose Avenue in LA. Featuring artwork and products designed by a rotating roster of artists (French was first, and SSUR currently has a show up), the space also carries goods produced by artists who’ve worked with Scion AV Installations in the past as well as a curated selection of items handpicked by Scion.

We were super excited to contribute a number of products to the store, including tote bags from Part of It, some of our bookends, as well as a tote and two small books we’ve created for our newest endeavor, Draw Down Books. The photo above of the shop space has a number of these items on display, including Luck (a photo book by Isaac McKay-Randozzi published by Draw Down), our 16 pp. tote bag (celebrate small press publications!), and a Make Art Now! tote bag by the awesome UPSO, the great brain behind the ultimate art zine, Faesthetic.

More great photos of SSUR’s exhibition and the new gallery space are up here. And check out this post for a peek at French’s installation and opening night bash.

If you’re in LA, check it out!

Gluekit in FL@33’s 3D Type Book

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We are very pleased to have been included in FL@33’s new tome devoted to dimensional typography, The 3D Type Book!

This book is the most comprehensive showcase of three-dimensional letterforms ever written, featuring over 1,300 images by more than 160 emerging talents and established individuals and studios… including Gluekit. We were thrilled to be included!

The book is published by Laurence King and available at fine booksellers everywhere, including Amazon.

Type Directors Club Recognizes Gluekit’s Print Cover

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Gluekit Cover for Print Magazine - 2008 Regional Design Annual

We are thrilled to announce that the judges of TDC 55 selected Gluekit’s cover for the Print Regional Design Annual for typographic excellence! It will be featured in the annual Type Directors Club Exhibition for 2008 and Typography 30.

Part of It Gets Imprinted!

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We were super pleased to find an image of the Alphabet shirt that Daniel Eatock designed for Gluekit’s Part of It project in his brilliant recent monograph Imprint (2008). For more insight into Eatock’s meticulous practice and his projects, check out Eatock’s website and, in particular, the section on Imprint itself.

Celebutantes Celebration!

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Celebutante Fabulouso

Gluekit is proud to have created the Celebutantes crest for the popular Random House teen novel series. The lastest addition to the trilogy, To the Penthouse, is now available at fine book purveyors. We confess that we have a soft spot for the three triplets– Lex, Madison, and Park– and their high society adventures. It’s all super fabulous, of course, in the vein of Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty. Just perfect for the tweens on our Christmas list!

Over and Over and Over

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We were super honored to find out last week that we were included in Mike Perry’s most recent book on hand-drawn pattern-making, Over and Over (Princeton Architectural Press, 2008). When we saw the pre-publication announcements, we put the new book on our wish list, but lo and behold, we’re actually in it! We couldn’t be more thrilled. Like MP’s last book, Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, this one is chock full of inspiration, insight, and awesomeness from cover to cover.

You Shall Know Our Velocity!

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Here’s a Gluekit cover sketch for Dave Eggers’s novel, You Shall Know Our Velocity!

It’s a departure from the other book covers we were sketching out early last year, but we felt this book deserved something a little different and a little less constricted. So we went for it! For those who don’t know the plot, this novel is about a mad and grieving quest by two friends to distribute a whole lot of money according to a half-baked but thoroughly complex plan after the death of a close friend. It’s a sad, weird book that trades in emotion and oddness. It’s a book that’s also about the best-laid plans going awry, and a general unsticking of the characters in the reality they occupy. There’s a rapidity and unraveling rhythm to the plot, which inspired both the smudging of Eggers byline, and the haphazard use of taped-up type. One sequence of scenes in particular has stayed with us: the friends, in Africa, desperately trying to rid themselves of money, attempt to tape money to animals, people, and passing objects. It’s all inspiration…

Gluekit’s loving bright yellow these days!

Object Lessons

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Object Lessons includes essays by Jessica Stockholder, Tim Barringer, Karsten Harries, Jeffrey C. Alexander and Christine Mehring and grows out of an innovative gallery talk series that offered scholars from across Yale’s disciplines the opportunity to give a scholarly paper about any object from the Yale University Art Gallery’s robust collections. Their reflections are the heart of this tiny book which measures just 4.75 x 6.75 inches and comes in at 112 pages. 

The typeface used for the title typography was designed by Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry (as an aside: we will miss Olson and his wife Nicole’s adorable website love, charlie – RIP).

Imagined Books: 001

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Besides our Reimagined Books series, which allows us to redesign covers for books we’ve read, Gluekit’s also been experimenting with completely imagined books. Penguin covers are a great inspiration. So are sociological texts from the 1980s, like the 1985 Routledge edition cover of Readings from Emile Durkheim. Pure inspirational goodness, right there.

Andrew Thomas is a nod to Gluekit history.

Gluekit loves book covers!

Reimagined Book Covers: 002

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While Gluekit was dreaming the other night, a lot of orange and black and white figures crept into our room and inserted themselves into our nightmares. The result were two new Gluekit Editions for recent novels that we’ve consumed– voraciously in one case; rather slowly and in slow chews in the other.

We can’t say Sean Wilsey’s Oh, The Glory of It All was exactly what we wanted it to be. Skateboarding descriptions aside, this book groveled a bit too hard and too deeply in the poor little rich boy vein for us to enjoy. Memoirs are like that, though. We tried to tease out a bit of the messy overbearing emotion on our cover. The blobby mommy-concept cometh!

Jonathan Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude pulled together a lot of different strands in a much more satisfying way. Gluekit, as will become apparent, has a thing for coming-of-age stories, teenage angst, and colorful narratives that look at ethnicity, race, and identity. [Don’t say we’re totally superficial!] This novel plunged into graffiti culture too, and dealt with the ever-changing culture of NYC’s burroughs. Our cover tried to get at the gritty urban landscape that dominated much of the book, highlight the graffiti edge, and use one of our favorite patterns. Click, click– and the tiles fell into place.

Gluekit loves it when a book (or a plan) comes together!

God Save the Dream

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Gluekit has been super into hand-type lately, prompted in part– no doubt– to Mike Perry’s terrific new publication Hand Job: A Catalog of Type (Princeton Architectural Press). Gluekit’s Mountains Rock collaboration with artist Amy Jean Porter and our “We Sing Instruments” shirt were both included (hurrah!) and the thick book is chock-full of interesting, provocative and NEAT hand-drawn type projects and samples. It’s one of our favorite books at the moment and has been sparking all sorts of ideas and new projects.

Gluekit likes new twists on old punk sayings.

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Reimagined Book Covers: 001

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Gluekit loves to read.

Inspired by Penguin Book covers and the recent publication Penguin by Design (Phil Baines, 2007), we recently decided to take our reading habits one step further, and reimagine the books we’ve read aloud together with Penguin-esque cover designs (talk about collapsing our interests!). It’s a neat way to encapsulate our visual reaction to the storylines and we’re happy to start sharing them here.

We’ve selected two of Jonathan Safran Foer’s novels to kick off everything off. Mr. Foer is one of our favorite novelists, so it’s only fitting that his works kick off Set #1.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close also tops our mutual lists of favorite books. Oscar, the child hero of this post 9/11 novel, captured our hearts and has never really let go. His fearless optimism and precociousness still spark our nostalgia when we’re shopping for pens or thinking of why no one has invented coffee ice cubes.

This week, Gluekit was also fortunate to hear Mr. Foer read some of his most recent work. A very young writer with a very big talent, Mr. F afterwards revealed he likes to write at his public library, a structured environment he finds conducive to letting himself bleed out his words.

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Type Research

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We had great fun in the stacks last weekend, sorting through an assortment of titles from the 1980s about architecture, designers, and furniture.

We like fancy pants letters.