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In Black and Gold: Jean Jullien

Posted in Calendars, Covers, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on August 9, 2009

Jean Jullien's Cover for the Yale University Art Gallery Summer 2009 Calendar

Jean Jullien’s sweet summer goblin cover for the Yale University Art Gallery 2009 Calendar!

Jean is a mega-talented London-based illustrator & designer who has a penchant for cuddly characters, costumes, and cut paper. His three-dimensional cover for Victionary’s 2008 Stereographics: Graphics in New Dimensions caught the eyes of the design world, and he’s since finished a number of projects and produced new exhibition work that explores an expanding galaxy of characters and his own playful visual language. Jullien gradated from Central Saint Martins just last year and is now studying at the Royal College of Art while continuing to produce a steady stream of colorful commerical work for clients like Print Magazine and The Guardian.


In Black and Gold: Non-Format

Posted in Calendars, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on August 2, 2009

In Black and Gold: Non-Format - 2009 Summer Calendar Cover for the Yale University Art Gallery

Non-Format’s stellar cover for the Yale University Art Gallery’s Summer 2009 Calendar!

This gem of a design sparkles with custom typography that Non-Format designed specifically for the YUAG cover. What’s wonderful is how the gentle abstraction they deployed to create the letterforms lends itself to the satisfying activity of decoding the expected series of words, yet the overall design can be appreciated on a purely formal level.

Non-Format is the international design super-team of Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss. Working together for nearly ten years, the pair have produced a steady stream of innovative design and illustration. Their list of clients is star-studded with names like Coca-Cola, Nike, M&CSaatchi, Graniph, the Tate Modern and EMI (among many others). They have art directed the independent music monthly The Wire and also Varoom: the journal of illustration and made images. In 2007, Die Gestalten Verlag published Non-Format Love Song, an artist monograph that features their award-winning work.

In Black and Gold: Steven Harrington

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on July 14, 2009

In Black and Gold: Steven Harrington 2009 Summer Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover

Steven Harrington’s Summer 2009 calendar cover for the Yale University Art Gallery!

Steven’s addition to the series features his adorable personal iconography in a collegiate still life, complete with yarn ornaments and anthropomorphic objects. Harrington is based out of Los Angeles (check out the behind-the-magic peek into his California home at Design*Sponge) and has produced a stunning array of graphic gems, stellar art, and awesome goods under his own name and as co-owner and director of the graphic design studio National Forest Design. With influences ranging from classic Time-Life Encyclopedias circa 1965-1972, to thrift stores, owls, and the Moody Blues, Harrington’s distinctive style merges hand-drawn nostalgia with illustrative and dimensional cut paper objects, creating a recognizable universe of playful characters, symbols, and starscapes. His work has been exhibited widely, in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Tokyo, Montreal, and Melbourne.

In Black and Gold: Emigre

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on July 7, 2009

In Black and Gold: Emigre Type for the Summer 2009 Yale University Art Gallery Calendar

Summer is definitely here in the balmy Northeast, and that means it’s time to feature another set of Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Covers!

This cover for the Summer 2009 calendar is by digital typeface pioneers and respected graphic design publishing luminaries Emigre (Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko), and utilizes a typeface Emigre distributes (a shadowed Los Feliz by Christian Schwartz) against Puzzler type designed by Zuzana. Emigre is widely recognized as a hugely influential force in the field of digital typography and design, known both for designing or releasing many cutting-edge typefaces– early dot-matrix fonts, high-resolution typefaces, and vector-based designs– as well as for publishing Emigre magazine between 1984 and 2005. The magazine was a venue for radical digital experimentation, highlighting the potential of the studio’s innovative typeface design and establishing an early forum for a growing community of digital designers. The entire run of Emigre is now part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

In Black and Gold: Cody Hudson

Posted in Calendars, Color, Design, Type, Yale by Gluekit on March 11, 2009

Cody Hudson

Cody Hudson creates his clean, multi-dimensional graphics under the name Stuggle Inc., producing everything from hand-painted skateboards for good causes like Skateistan to hot t-shirt designs for Stussy, 2k, and Sixpack France. His graphic work and paintings have been exhibited at museums and galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. In fact, if you’re heading to Chicago soon, you can catch his solo exhibition from March 27-May 9 at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery. If you can’t make the show but want to check out the wealth of imagery and projects that Cody has produced so far, check his recent monograph Save My Life. And if you want to see something truly special, make plans to attend the Hyde Park Art Center this summer when an installation by Hudson will be gracing the main foyer!

Cody luckily made time in his busy schedule  to create this custom calendar cover for the Yale University Art Gallery. We love the clean lines and playful spirit of his cover, which uses negative space and simple geometric forms to achieve a compelling rhythm and grace. The simplicity of the elements belies the complexity and sophistication of the overall design, tantalizing the viewer’s eyes to find the embedded letterforms. It’s a fantastic addition to the Yale Calendar Cover Series!

In Black and Gold: Labour

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on March 3, 2009

Type for the Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover - by Labour, 2008

Labour is a do-it-all creative office in Williamsburg headed by Ryan Dunn and Wyeth Hansen, long-time collaborators who lend their magic touch to just about every type of media: video, typography, illustration, identity work, music composition, and so on. Recently they focused their prodigious talents on creating this cutting-edge design for the Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover Series.

Ryan and Wyeth are also ADC Young Guns, part of a cohort of top under-30 creative professionals recognized for their visionary and highly personal approach to design, typography, and media. They recently sat down for an interview about their work. For more video goodness, check out their website, which is chock full of reels for clients ranging from VH1 to the Museum of Modern Art and AIGA. Hot stuff!

In Black and Gold: Kate Moross

Posted in Calendars, Color, Type, Yale by Gluekit on February 7, 2009

Kate Moross Cover for Yale Art Gallery

This Spring 2009 Yale University Art Gallery calendar cover is by the talented and massively prolific London-based designer and illustrator Kate Moross. Kate has a simply splendid love of geometry, isometric forms, handcrafted type, and bicycles. In addition to throwing down all sorts of tasty images for a superstar roster of clients as well as creating lots of ultra-cool loot, Kate runs Isomorphs, “the world’s first art-driven record label.” Her calendar cover, like so much of her work, is playful, engaging, and undeniably rad.

In Black and Gold: Kevin Lyons

Posted in Calendars, Color, Design, Type, Yale by Gluekit on January 28, 2009

Kevin Lyons for Yale University Art Gallery

Hip-hoppity goodness! It’s a new Yale University Art Gallery calendar cover for Spring 2009 by the formidable and wildly awesome Kevin Lyons! The man behind many a Nike, Adidas, and Arkitip designs (wowser, what a list, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg), Lyons created a delightfully whimsical cover that captures the sheer toothy good nature that greets Spring after a cold long winter. Lyons is a lion in the world of street-smart, DIY graphics, having manned the helm of Stussy Worldwide and directed the creative output of Urban Outfitters for several years, all the while pumping out a steady stream of solid fresh graphics. Nowadays, Lyons holds forth as Design Director for NYC’s Anomaly and is a proud father.

In Black and Gold: Hektor

Posted in Calendars, Type, Yale by Gluekit on December 18, 2008

We just realized we never threw up the awesome Hektor cover for the Spring 2008 Yale University Art Gallery calendar. It was over a year ago that we blogged about  Jürg Lehni and the crew (Daniel Harding and Tomas Celizna) who helped tag up the Art Gallery and produce this subtly striking image. What looks straight-forward and simple– the type across the two walls– was actually the child of many calculated moves and a full day of activity. Output devices are go!

In Black and Gold: Hort

Posted in Calendars, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on October 3, 2008

The leaves are starting to change colors and there’s a chill in the air. What’s one thing to look forward to with the turn of the seasons? Another set of awesome Yale University Art Gallery covers by some of the most creative and interesting designers and graphic artists around the world. This Fall, international design super-center Hort lent their tremendous talents to creating a unique still life that mirrors and subverts traditional Autumnal displays. It’s an excellent addition to the Art Gallery Calendar Cover series!

In Black and Gold: Damien Correll

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on September 4, 2008

All over the United States, millions of students are returning to school. The youth of America are settling down with their books and schedules, finding their way through the maze that is the new school year. Yes, Fall 2008 is definitely in the air, and what better marker than a new contribution by Damien Correll to the Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover series?

Damien does really amazing type work and illustration from his studio in Brooklyn. He’s a member of the creative powerhouse Rad Mountain, and Damien’s signature style has made an impact for clients ranging from Nike and Urban Outfitters, to awesome arts magazines like Swindle, Juxtapoz, and Faesthetic. His illustrations and type are complex and playful, fun and bright– and the design he created for this calendar cover is just a-MAZE-ing! We love it.

In Black and Gold: Todd St. John

Posted in Black and White, Calendars, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on August 12, 2008

Yes, summer may be winding down. But some design stands the test of time. Todd St. John’s handsome woodcut fold-out type for the Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover series certainly looks brilliantly cool and contemplative (and organic and fun!) no matter what the season. It’s a beautiful contribution to the series, which invites talented designers to render standard text for the Gallery’s seasonal calendar of events.

In Black and Gold: Parra

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on June 10, 2008

Parra’s recent cover for the Summer 2008 Yale University Art Gallery calendar cover series.

We are big fans of Parra and love his smooth lines whether they are black and gold or hot pink, orange and electric blue!

In Black and Gold: Seymour Chwast

Posted in Calendars, Color, Illustrations, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on June 3, 2008

Summer 2008 has brought another onslaught of brilliant designs for the Yale University Art Gallery’s Calendar Cover Series. Three artists created designs for this season’s calendar, which we’ll be rolling out this week for your viewing pleasure!

Our first design is from Seymour Chwast, and features his current interest in intricate all-over patterning. Chwast founded Pushpin Studios in 1954, and together with co-founders Milton Glaser and Edward Sorel, went on to create some of the most sizzling graphics of the late twentieth century. Gluekit is a huge fan of the studio’s Push Pin Graphic, which paved the way for many of the studio and designer zines of today. Great stuff– and look out below!

In Black and Gold: Ryan Waller

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Type, Yale by Gluekit on June 2, 2008


Last Spring, Mr. Ryan Waller did a most excellent and spring-a-licious design for the Yale University Art Gallery’s Calendar Cover Series. As he does so well, Ryan brought a sense of humor and a fine eye for detail and fun to the party. 

Also be sure to check out Ryan’s shirts and totebags (Library and Museum), available from Part of it.

In Black and Gold: Karel Martens

Posted in Calendars, Color, Museums, Yale by Gluekit on May 29, 2008


Here’s another fantastic cover from the Yale University Art Gallery typographic calendar cover series! This one was created by Karel Martens, revered Dutch graphic designer and typographic master. Martens founded and currently supervises the Werkplaats Typografie (WT) program at the ArtEZ Institute of Art in the Netherlands; two monographs, Printed Matter (1996) and Counterprint (2004), have been published about his substantial contributions to the fields of art and design.

One of the wonderful things about the calendar series has been the opportunity to juxtapose generations of designers and various approaches to typography. The Gallery was honored by Martens’s Fall 2007 eye-opening contribution.

In Black and Gold: Michael Perry

Posted in Calendars, Color, Type, Yale by Gluekit on May 7, 2008


Mike Perry’s most excellent Yale University Art Gallery calendar cover, part of an on-going typographic series which invites designers to render “Yale University Art Gallery” for seasonal calendar provided by the Gallery to students, patrons, and the public. For other contributions to the series by a serious roster of talented and imaginative artists, click here. And check out Mike’s site, Midwestisbest, for a closer look at his work.

Mike is also a participating designer in the Part of It project, for which he designed a classic tee, “It’s Just You and Me.” And as we reported last month, his design was also featured in the American Airways in-flight magazine.

Mike’s work is popping up everywhere, and we are thrilled to be able to feature some of his work here!

In Black and Gold: Michael Leon

Posted in Calendars, Color, Type, Yale by Gluekit on April 26, 2008


It feels like summer where we are today, which reminded us of this awesome Michael Leon calendar cover, created for the Yale University Art Gallery. The type really gets at the dizzying HEAT of a summer in the city– with the prospect of the cool mountain ranges on the horizon. It’s 100% sizzling!

Check out the other covers in the Gallery’s series!

In Black and Gold: Geoff McFetridge

Posted in Calendars, Color, Type, Yale by Gluekit on April 19, 2008


We’re reaching back a few years– woah, but it feels like just last month! Here’s the Fall 2006 Yale University Art Gallery Calendar Cover. The design is by the talented and awesome Geoff McFetridge.

After Geoff did the cover, he was invited to be a guest artist at the Yale School of Art in their “Making Do” series. The idea behind “Making Do” was to gather four artists from different disciplines and have them work on-site at Yale’s School of Art for a week. The 2006 Making Do show took place in October/November and featured McFetridge, Mark Borthwick, Karyn Olivier, and Luis Gispert. There’s a great Flickr set of images from the show here.

We’re excited about Geoff’s new excellent handmade skate company, in partnership with Yong-Ki Chang. It’s called Solitary Arts and their blog is chock full of awesome stuff. Geoff’s also started making his wonderful wallpaper designs available via Pottak.

In Black and Gold: Antoine + Manuel

Posted in Calendars, Color, Type, Yale by Gluekit on March 9, 2008


It’s a Spring 2008 Yale University Art Gallery Calendar cover! This beautiful piece was designed by Antoine + Manuel, aka Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz, Parisian graphic arts duo extraordinaire. As their bio blurb states, “Their unique visual language combines hand drawing and computer illustration with their own typography and photography.” It’s visually compelling stuff.