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Moustachios On Parade

Posted in Color, Consumption, Photographs, Travel by Gluekit on October 15, 2008

When we were in LA over the summer, we had a great time hunting through some really cool bookstores and shops. One of the things we planned to do when we returned was feature some of our favorite finds, like this limited edition Geoff McFetridge zine, “All of Us Together Broken-Hearted,” published by Nieves (the super cool zine publisher). We picked up this gem at an awesome little shop called Ooga Booga in Chinatown. The OB was simply one of the best stores we’ve been to, packed with great books, music, and excellent items of interest! We hope to visit again soon.


We Love Art Supplies

Posted in Black and White, Consumption, Travel by Gluekit on September 10, 2007


Even in Philly on vacation, we find ourselves hunting around for sketchbooks, tracing paper, some sharp pencils, and good ink flow. Luckily we spotted a Utrecht around the corner from our hotel and made a beeline to the cash register.

We like drawing on the run.

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New Kicks

Posted in Black and White, Consumption, Fashion by Gluekit on September 10, 2007


These are jammin’ new kicks, purchased in Philly after a long perusal at the always impressive Ubiq store. We just can’t get enough of Vans hightops. The Gallery was fun too!

We like new white sneakers.

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