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Star Trek: An Alternate Universe

Posted in Black and White, From the Vault, Illustrations by Gluekit on May 10, 2008

This is an alternate sketch for an illustration Gluekit did last year for Wired magazine, for a short piece reviewing the the Star Trek DVD box set. We still talk about making the Party Like a Robot shirt that we created for Data. This was a super fun sketch to mock-up (lots of scissoring and cut paper fun), but we really liked the final version that ran too.


Yarn Concert Flier

Posted in Black and White, From the Vault, Music, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on April 7, 2008

The Yarn Flier was our stab at making a concert poster for a local production company who brings a lot of great shows to our area, including this Owen show. One ball of yarn + one upcoming show + masking tape = hours of Gluekit fun. This was a really neat poster to undertake, and we hoped that perhaps it would inspire further knit graffiti on our part. Not so (at least yet). We did like a number of photographs that we took of the project, so we are sharing both the final product (incorporated into the flier) and some close-ups.

From the Vault: Pegasus

Posted in Collage, Color, From the Vault by Gluekit on January 21, 2008


Backing up the hard drives and clearing up some disk space for new projects always opens the door to discovery. Here’s a Gluekit sketch from 2004.

Time really does fly (like a pegasus?) when we’re having fun.

Gluekit likes mirrors, reflections, and floating silhouettes.