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Trust Fund – Mike Krol

Posted in Friends, Music by Gluekit on August 13, 2013

Trust Fund - Mike Krol

Our very good friend, the fantastic Mike Krol, just released an excellent new album: “Trust Fund”


Kings of Leon for EW

Posted in Color, Gluekit, Illustrations, Music, Published by Gluekit on October 8, 2011

Recent illustration by Gluekit. Check out more here!

The Lost Albums

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Imagined, Music, Published by Gluekit on March 26, 2009

Khulami Phase Album Illustration for Vibe Magazine - Gluekit, 2009

Khulami Phase by Lauryn Hill. Album Art. (Photo-illustration for Vibe Magazine by Gluekit, 2009)

Dream Factory Album illustration for Vibe - Gluekit, 2009

Dream Factory by Prince and the Revolution. Album Art. (Photo-illustration for Vibe Magazine by Gluekit, 2009)

We were recently commissioned by Vibe magazine to create album art for some of the most anticipated “lost” albums of the last few decades, which included albums by Prince, The Commission (a Notorious B.I.G. side project), Lauryn Hill, and 50 Cent. This was such a fun assignment to work on, since it allowed us to do some really intensive image and typographic research while we immersed ourselves in each artist’s catalogue. Mark Shaw, the art director we worked with on the project, asked us to do a short write-up for Vibe about how we went about making the illustrations, and our inspiration for each of the final four covers. The interview is up here!

Friends of P Launches!

Posted in Announcement, Collaborations, Color, Music, Part of It, Type by Gluekit on June 10, 2008

Hey there, friends! A great new project for a super good cause– the Friends of P site is now live!

The brainchild of Yvonne Jukes, Garrett Morin, & Ryan Waller, Friends of P is an awesome project to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation of America, in honor of their mutual friend P.¬† The site features a great cover of The Rentals song “Friends of P” done by Toyko Police Club (watch the little record-player spin!) and the first fifty donations of $15.00 receive a complimentary (and hottt!) tote bag with a limited edition design by Garrett and Ryan, both highly admired contributors to our Part of It project. Help out a good cause and donate today!

And for those who aren’t among the first fifty donations? The tote is now available at the Part of It site.

Cash Is Best

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Music, Published by Gluekit on May 20, 2008

Recent Gluekit illustration for Milwaukee magazine about the ten BEST concerts in Milwaukee history. Mr. Johnny Cash and June Carter won hands-down– the background is a subtle nod to the Sun Records stable.

Ends With Disaster!

Posted in Black and White, Color, Events, Made, Music, Type by Gluekit on April 30, 2008

New Gluekit poster joy! New type!

Gluekit was recently commissioned to create a very special concert poster for a new band hailing from lovely North East Pennsylvania, featuring a Gluekit relation (Brother Andy) and former Bedford bandmate (Mister Bob Lewis). The poster is for a show this Saturday, May 3, at Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre, PA. $7. All Ages. Awesome!

Gluekit likes making band posters, and we love making type.

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Swedish Rock is In!

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Music, Published by Gluekit on April 24, 2008


A new Gluekit illustration for OUT magazine!

This illustration features a number of Swedish rockers, including Jens Lekman (profile, upper left). Jens is known to do cameos at other people’s gigs in NYC– when he happens to be in town and we’re in the audience. Yay!

Yarn Concert Flier

Posted in Black and White, From the Vault, Music, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on April 7, 2008

The Yarn Flier was our stab at making a concert poster for a local production company who brings a lot of great shows to our area, including this Owen show. One ball of yarn + one upcoming show + masking tape = hours of Gluekit fun. This was a really neat poster to undertake, and we hoped that perhaps it would inspire further knit graffiti on our part. Not so (at least yet). We did like a number of photographs that we took of the project, so we are sharing both the final product (incorporated into the flier) and some close-ups.

Band of Horses

Posted in Color, Music by Gluekit on December 28, 2007


It seems like ages ago, but maybe it was only November when Gluekit went to see Band of Horses. Here at long last is our illustration. We actually wanted to do something playful about the Band of Beards but the pretty horses were just too appealing. We settled with some flowing manes.

Gluekit likes shimmery stars and the ending music sequence in Legend!

Theme Song for a New Brunswick Basement Show

Posted in Color, Music, Photographs, Travel, Type by Gluekit on November 7, 2007


Here at Gluekit, we’ve really been enjoying the opportunity to spin our daily life and summer jaunts and ramblings through the Gluekit illustrator bonanza machine, which spits out neat little capsules of our experience, sometimes with hand type, sometimes with interesting new drawn elements, sometimes with twists we didn’t anticipate.

Here’s a little thing we did to commemorate one of the best shows we went to this summer: a super secret Lifetime show in a New Brunswick basement (all per Lifetime lyrics). There’s something awesome about house shows during the summer; about dirty-fashionable-smiling kids all dredged up on someone’s lawn, awaiting that moment when the music starts and everyone dances. The pictures express the energy of the show well. It was just swell!

Gluekit likes sweet summer memories, singing songs loudly off-key, and pictures of shoes.

Stars Bright!

Posted in Color, Music, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on October 23, 2007


Last week Gluekit (and Martha Plimpton, apparently, who was sitting three rows in front of us and totally bobbing out) were fortunate to catch the wonderful Montreal indie pop band Stars. Oh, the melodrama– and the rose-throwing– and the catchy sing-alongs! [There’s a nice review here that captures the taste, the drama, and the fury.]

Inspired by the bright lights of the big city and the possibility of casting shadows, we hit upon this type idea: stars on the carpet, not up in the sky. Though there are lightning bolts in them there letter forms.

Gluekit likes brilliant shiny things, fingers in photographs, and starry starry eyes.

A Lifetime of Type

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Music, Type by Gluekit on October 21, 2007


Gluekit saw Lifetime in New York City last week. They were an opener, which suited us just fine, as that meant we were able to dance in closer proximity than we usually do at their shows. Gluekit has learned our lesson well: headwalkers and stage-jumpers = not so fun dancing and multiple injuries! Fantastically enough, Lifetime is soon due to tour Japan and Australia! We think maybe we should catch them there– it’d be surreal (and fun!).

Gluekit’s been a big fan of Lifetime for a long time, as our friends know. And since their reunion tour and their subsequent re-banding, we’ve been able to catch them all over again– here and here and here. And we still get giddy and hand-clappy at their shows.

The illustration above uses type we threw together that pulls a choice line from Lifetime’s Records at Nite song. We love the big hardcore breakdown and chorus, because– c’mon!– who doesn’t love playing records at night? We really wish they’d play the song out live, though, and while we’re requesting additions to the playlist, would also love to hear “Yeem’s Song for Nothing“, and LTime’s cover of Billy Bragg’s “New England.” [We made a shirt related to that last request we’ll have to post sometime.]

Gluekit adores Lifetime and wishes them all the luck in the world as they tour the globe and set out on international adventures!


Posted in Color, Music, Type by Gluekit on October 18, 2007


Third time’s the charm! Gluekit kept trying to make Voxtrot shows over the last couple of months, but for various reasons, we couldn’t get our ducks lined up to make it to a show. [Those ducks just keep scattering!] Finally, last weekend, we had the opportunity to catch the young Austin band. As avid collectors of their EPs, it was a joy to finally see them jangle through their hits and play their hearts out– plus the lead singer, Ramesh Srivastava, was just recovering from surgery and still managed to put on an amazing show!

Gluekit likes lucky patterns, bright colors, and singing along to Voxtrot lyrics.

The Man Man Show

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Music, Type by Gluekit on October 8, 2007


Over the weekend, Gluekit had the great fortune to see a favorite band of ours, Man Man, up close and personal. This was our fourth time seeing the glorious men in white perform. On our way back from the show (which was at a terrific all-ages venue, hurrah!), we hit upon the idea of illustrating the show– or at least, our experience. We were really smitten with the green duct tape lettering at the merch table, so fixated on that as our centerpiece for this piece, and worked in some type from our beach jaunt this summer.

Gluekit loves Man Man’s delicious cover of Etta James’s “I’d Rather Go Blind.”

One Hundred Miles to Poughkeepsie

Posted in Black and White, Music, Travel by Gluekit on September 10, 2007


Two hundred miles to see one of our favorite bands of the moment, Matt and Kim, play a rockin’ set on the first night of their tour. (We tried to figure out how to type out the yah-yahs right, but the hyphens kept getting in the way!)

We like waving hands.

Rivers and Islands

Posted in Color, Music, Travel by Gluekit on September 9, 2007


Okkervil River played a date right before their national tour started, and before their awesome record, The Stage Names, dropped at the end of this summer. We caught them in one of the tiniest venues imaginable and felt that surge of luckiness that comes from seeing a talented band in a room packed with admiring fans.

We like Will Sheff’s hand-drawn shirts.