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Print This: “C’mon, Feel the Drips”

Posted in Color, Photographs, Print Project 2008, Process, Textiles by Gluekit on January 23, 2009

Drips in Felt

During our work on the Print Magazine 2008 Regional Design Annual cover and interior spreads (!!), we generated hundreds of photographs documenting our approach and process for creating three-dimensional typographic scenes. Some of these images we loved for their simplicity–others for their spatial oddness, color play, or because of the exact moment they captured. This one? Well, we love drips crawling down a white wall. Drips and splatters do feature prominently in much of our work– tactile and messy and nearly always evidence of the process at hand. And in this photo you can also spot some of the stage markings we used to indicate placement for objects. In order to create some of the visual effects on the cover, we needed to calculate the right angle and position for the various components using a whole host of techniques.


Faesthetic 9 Process “Peak”

Posted in Black and White, Made, Photographs, Process by Gluekit on August 12, 2008

Spoiler Alert! Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot for Gluekit’s upcoming contribution to Faesthetic #9!!! Faesthetic is one of our favorite magazines, and the next issue is due to snap out soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t purchased Issue #8, you can still pick one up for just $10.