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Gluekit Character Decks

Posted in Color, Imagined, Skateboarding by Gluekit on January 10, 2009


Above: some skateboard proposals from the Gluekit factory. These decks aren’t printed (yet!) but… someday…

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Black and White Skateboards

Posted in Black and White, Imagined, Skateboarding by Gluekit on January 6, 2009


Another set of proposed Gluekit decks. Hotness!

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Ch-Ch-Check it out!

Posted in Color, Imagined, Skateboarding, Type by Gluekit on March 17, 2008


Here at Gluekit, we like to imagine possibilities. Here’s one possibility we’ve been working on: Gluekit skateboard decks! We’ve been collecting decks as art objects for a few years now (one of us skating some) and all the nice work out there prompted us to play with some ideas ourselves. These two both draw on a Beastie Boy illustration done for Stereoptype magazine, published by Red Flag Media back in the day. Word to the wise metalheads out there: RFM’s Decibel is something to check out.

In this year of the big election, the VOTE! speech bubble in the Yellow Ch-Ch- design seems particularly apt.

Gluekit likes the grind, the click of wheels on cement, and fresh grip tape!