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New York Girl

Posted in Black and White, Illustrations, Sketches by Gluekit on March 16, 2009


Here’s some work we did for one of our favorite clients! We love this illustration of a little girl holding a kite string. She’s so adorably introspective against the grit and softened geometric forms.


New Wave Hootenanny

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Sketches by Gluekit on December 19, 2008


This was a personal illustration we created for ourselves back in the day. We’ve been posting a lot of client work lately and thought it might be nice to break up the flow with something a little different. We like owls and pretty white winter wolves against starry skies! Hoot hoot!


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Bionic Neonic!

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Sketches by Gluekit on November 22, 2008

Radar Magazine Opener - Illustration by Gluekit, 2008

With Radar Magazine closing its doors, we were curious to look back at some of the illustrations we’ve done for the magazine. This one was an alternate sketch we really loved for an issue opener back in the Spring. It just doesn’t get better than a neon Freddy, Bowie, Frankenstein triple play! (The published version is here.)

Monster Attack!

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Sketches by Gluekit on July 29, 2008

Here’s a sketch Gluekit did for an assignment last month about the Federal Treasury being in danger due to a number of circumstances as the U.S. economy plummets further into the twilight zone. This ended up being a little too playful for the client, but we really loved the drama and the sci-fi flavor of the piece.

Eye on the Prize

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Posters, Sketches by Gluekit on May 11, 2008

Recent Gluekit sketch for the 2008 Athens International Film Festival poster.

Ode to Possibilities

Posted in Color, Covers, Sketches by Gluekit on February 14, 2008


Here’s a sketch Gluekit created for a recent cover of Ode, a Dutch magazine that began publishing in the United State a few years ago and focuses on news about positive actions being taken around the world. The idea was to create a central Gandhi figure in the foreground and fill the background with celebs following in his footsteps and a raucous crowd of supporters.

Gluekit loves covers and the thrill of possibilities.

Monster Knitting

Posted in Black and White, Sketches by Gluekit on January 16, 2008


The title pretty much says it all. This is a she-monster though. There’s also a nice sketch of a he-monster wearing the nice warm scarf she’s a-knitting, but that’s for another post on another day.

Gluekit likes notebook dreaming and scribbling droll images during excruciating long plane delays!

Heavy Symbolism

Posted in Black and White, Gluekit, Illustrations, Sketches by Gluekit on September 10, 2007


Preliminary drawing for a New York Times Book Review illustration for “God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America,” a new book by Hanna Rosin. Surprise fact: Rosin was played by Chloe Sevigny in the movie Shattered Glass, about the New Republic’s fallen angel, Stephen Glass!

We like six degrees of separation games.

Tiger Pops!

Posted in Black and White, Sketches by Gluekit on September 9, 2007


Tigers go grrr! And we like just-happened-by-accident collages and the backsides of designs showing through.

We like black and white.