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Trailer for “—Long Play”, a solo exhibition by Gluekit

Our upcoming show at Scion AV Installation is going to open this Saturday in Los Angeles. Check out the trailer!

If you’ll be in LA this weekend, drop by the opening which is from 7-10PM at

Scion AV Installation
7667 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90046

RSVP for the opening here.

The show will be up between March 16 – April 13, 2013.


Philip Johnson’s Glass House

Posted in Color, Photographs, Travel by Gluekit on October 17, 2008

This week Gluekit had the opportunity to tour Philip Johnson’s architectural masterpiece, The Glass House, in New Canaan, Connecticut. It was a beautiful time of year to see the estate, which features a number of interesting structures and a still significant art collection (Warhol, Stella, Chamberlain, Schnabel, etc.). There’s a nice video at CoolHunting in which RISD President John Maeda narrates a visit of the site.

Moustachios On Parade

Posted in Color, Consumption, Photographs, Travel by Gluekit on October 15, 2008

When we were in LA over the summer, we had a great time hunting through some really cool bookstores and shops. One of the things we planned to do when we returned was feature some of our favorite finds, like this limited edition Geoff McFetridge zine, “All of Us Together Broken-Hearted,” published by Nieves (the super cool zine publisher). We picked up this gem at an awesome little shop called Ooga Booga in Chinatown. The OB was simply one of the best stores we’ve been to, packed with great books, music, and excellent items of interest! We hope to visit again soon.

Theme Song for a New Brunswick Basement Show

Posted in Color, Music, Photographs, Travel, Type by Gluekit on November 7, 2007


Here at Gluekit, we’ve really been enjoying the opportunity to spin our daily life and summer jaunts and ramblings through the Gluekit illustrator bonanza machine, which spits out neat little capsules of our experience, sometimes with hand type, sometimes with interesting new drawn elements, sometimes with twists we didn’t anticipate.

Here’s a little thing we did to commemorate one of the best shows we went to this summer: a super secret Lifetime show in a New Brunswick basement (all per Lifetime lyrics). There’s something awesome about house shows during the summer; about dirty-fashionable-smiling kids all dredged up on someone’s lawn, awaiting that moment when the music starts and everyone dances. The pictures express the energy of the show well. It was just swell!

Gluekit likes sweet summer memories, singing songs loudly off-key, and pictures of shoes.

Wim Crouwel: International Man of Style

Posted in Color, Events, Exhibitions, Museums, Travel, Type by Gluekit on November 2, 2007


Last week Gluekit attended a very nice AIGA evening event at the New School in New York. After a quick jaunt uptown to take in the Kara Walker retrospective at the Whitney, and a narrow avoidance with some dodgy character blocking up the subway lines, Gluekit settled into cozy seats at the Tishman Auditorium and took in a conversation with two pioneers of modernism, Wim Crouwel and Massimo Vignelli, moderated by Alice Twemlow.  There’s a nicely detailed announcement of the talk here, and as usual AIGA did a fabulous job of organizing the event. It’s always sweet to attend a well-handled lecture, that starts on time, is handled deftly, and that does what it’s supposed to do. In this case, Twemlow scurried hither and thither across the careers of both men, teasing out commonalities and differences, and showing the wide swathe of each man’s design legacy. It was a great session, and for us, Wim totally rocked our sox. There’s something appealing about the application of a system of production that’s reliable, extensible and modular.

Favorite moment? When, after a review of Crouwell’s New Alphabet, Twemlow threw up the album cover for Joy Division’s Substance and noted, to gasps of realization from the audience, that the cover actually reads “Substamce.” It was a beautiful moment of collective realization.

Glukit likes grids, modernism, and mistakes.

Quick Snaps: Basquiat at the French Embassy

Posted in Color, Photographs, Travel by Gluekit on October 20, 2007


Last April, Gluekit was strolling around Manhattan, fresh from seeing the Family Pictures exhibition at the Guggenheim. We were drinking in the air and people-watching when we spotted an intriguing poster on what appeared to be some kind of embassy on Fifth Avenue. [We really weren’t paying the best attention to where we were.] We daringly pushed the dark grated doors, stepped inside the building (we weren’t exactly sure we were in a public space at first) and found ourselves inside the Cultural Services of the French Embassy– elaborate and rich surroundings — taking in some amazing Jean-Michel Basquiat works. Gluekit’s a– ‘ow do you say?— big fan of Basquiat? We were hopping up and down on the bottom level… and then discovered a staircase and another level of rooms filled with even more Basquiat. It was Basquiat heaven! A completely unexpected encounter, the show was the highlight of our day. And the juxtaposition of Basquiat’s work– which smacks of childish delight, street culture and graffiti– amidst the grandeur and pomp of the Embassy’s spaces was wildy exhilarating. Inspiring, too. It’s the unexpected that makes life memorable.

The good folks at Artivi have put up a neat little video that captures the exhibition.

Gluekit loves unexpected treasures, happening upon art and beauty, and great art hung on white brick walls.

Hardcore Type (Made in Jersey)

Posted in Black and White, Travel, Type by Gluekit on September 10, 2007


Laying down some hard type in Jersey during vacation by the sea.

We like hand-drawn dollar signs.

We Love Art Supplies

Posted in Black and White, Consumption, Travel by Gluekit on September 10, 2007


Even in Philly on vacation, we find ourselves hunting around for sketchbooks, tracing paper, some sharp pencils, and good ink flow. Luckily we spotted a Utrecht around the corner from our hotel and made a beeline to the cash register.

We like drawing on the run.

Creative Commons License

One Hundred Miles to Poughkeepsie

Posted in Black and White, Music, Travel by Gluekit on September 10, 2007


Two hundred miles to see one of our favorite bands of the moment, Matt and Kim, play a rockin’ set on the first night of their tour. (We tried to figure out how to type out the yah-yahs right, but the hyphens kept getting in the way!)

We like waving hands.

Rivers and Islands

Posted in Color, Music, Travel by Gluekit on September 9, 2007


Okkervil River played a date right before their national tour started, and before their awesome record, The Stage Names, dropped at the end of this summer. We caught them in one of the tiniest venues imaginable and felt that surge of luckiness that comes from seeing a talented band in a room packed with admiring fans.

We like Will Sheff’s hand-drawn shirts.