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Gluekit Art Car for Scion iQ

Posted in Color, Gluekit, Made, Patterns, Photographs by Gluekit on August 14, 2012


Just got in some amazing images of our art car for Scion! Last week we were in New York for the 10th Anniversary celebration of Scion’s commitment to music, art, and design, which included an exhibition of all the Scion iQ art cars. It was amazing to see our car in real life– and we loved seeing what the other artists (including David Choe, Cody Hudson, French, Dust La Rock, and the Melvins) did with theirs. Super fab to see old friends and meet some new ones as well.

We’re so grateful to Scion for giving us the opportunity to do a car like this! The Scion iQ looks like a little gem.


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