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Time to Say It Again!

Posted in Color by Gluekit on November 7, 2012




Oh Yeah!

Posted in Black and White, Design, Made by Gluekit on January 20, 2009

Oh Yeah Obama Button, Gluekit 2008

On this historic day, the 2009 presidential inauguration, Gluekit is pleased to say “Oh Yeah!” for Obama and his campaign team.

Featured above is the pin we designed during the 2008 Presidential face-off. The pin was part of the Obama Button Project, organized by our friends at Project No. 8.

The Bailout Bunch

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on December 8, 2008

This is a Gluekit illustration for the New Republic in October, a group portrait of some of the main characters (culprits?) in Congress during the September bailout crisis.

US Election Smackdown!

Posted in Color, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on November 7, 2008

We've Gone All-American

Here’s a photo-illustration that Gluekit created for the cover of the UK Guide’s American Election edition, out this week in the UK!

The Debate Is On!

Posted in Color, Covers, Illustrations, Published by Gluekit on September 26, 2008

The first 2008 presidential debate is mere hours away. With all eyes towards Mississippi, it seemed a good time to feature a recent Gluekit cover for the Atlantic Monthly! (We’re really psyched to have done a cover for this venerable magazine).

The orator vs. the warrior– who will win?!? Stay tuned…

Part of It: Let’s Be Honest

Posted in Color, Fashion, Part of It, Photographs, Type by Gluekit on September 21, 2008

As the American presidential race heats up, wouldn’t it be nice to see some honesty emanating from the campaigns and from the media? Part of It is proud to offer a refreshing way for everyone to get involved and spread a message urging transparency and truth (in politics and in life). Designed by Ken Meier and David Yun, “Let’s Be Honest” blue tees ($28.00) and red totes ($20.00) featuring Caslon type are perfect attire for watching the upcoming debates between McCain vs. Obama, and Palin vs. Biden, whatever your political persuasion.

Let’s be honest, together.