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Gluekit Bookends in New York Magazine

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With thanks to our friends at Project No. 8!


Posted in Brick Bookends, Color, Press by Gluekit on July 5, 2012

Our brick bookends were featured in this post on Style Carrot!

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Following up on yesterday’s painted bookshelves post, it seemed like a good time to run this. When I put this together a few weeks ago, I had just spent the weekend clearing off our living room bookshelves. Not clearing them of books, but the way too many paintings that are stacked three deep, and vases, and magazines that need filing, and the Swedish Lily candlesticks I keep buying on eBay, and so on. I don’t really need bookends, since I have so many books they go from one end to the next, but I’m often tempted by them design-wise. Here’s an array of bookends both functional and beautiful.


1 Sheep Bookend by Zuny, $56 each at Emmo Home.
2 Vintage Jenfred-Ware Brass Bookend by Ben Seibel, $125 at Unica Home.
3 Red Signal Magnetic Bookends, $28 at Chiasso.

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Gluekit’s Stacked Brick Bookends at Poketo’s Office

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Spotted on the Herman Miller Lifework blog!

On the hunt for unique gifts

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Racked blogs about the Cool Hunting Gap Holiday 2010 Pop-Up Shop which features Gluekit’s Brick Bookends.

Gap + Cool Hunting + Gluekit

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Gluekit’s Stacked Bricks Bookend Sets are now available at the the Gap + Cool Hunting Holiday Popup Store in New York City this holiday season! The pop-up has some truly beautiful locally-sourced items, all curated by the stylish folks at Cool Hunting.

Stacked Bricks Bookend Set

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Design by Gluekit.

Available right here.